The Pros and Cons of VPNs

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Are you planning to incorporate VPN in your system? If yes, take a breath and read tis. A VPN service has several advantages that will make your life amazing. For instance, it will grant you access to geo-blocked sites and several contents across the globe without any limitation like Netflix and Hulu. Besides, it allows you to change IP address which makes you appear in a different country giving you access to services at a low price like hotel rooms and flights amongst others.


Although they will protect your internet connections and make your identity secrete, they differ from one to another in their cons and pros.


VPN Pros:


  • A VPN Can Save You Money


While using a VPN; you can easily change your IP address and choose which country you want to appear in and access its contents. It also allows you to do shopping and booking services at low prices. Mostly, e-commerce sites have different price ranges depending on your location where you are accessing the website from. Like you may find the same product that is expensive while accessing the site from your hometown, it a bit cheap while you use a different server.


  • VPNs Are Affordable


A premium VPN is cheap in comparison with other security strategies that aim at securing your internet connections. You don’t need a technician or to install hardware for it to function effectively. Always consider a premium VPN for excellent services since most of the free ones may end up leaking your data to other persons. Besides, premium virtual private network services are user friendly as you can have free trials before buying them and even money-back guarantee like the CyberGhost.


VPN Cons:


  • A VPN Can Slow Down Your Connection Speed


As it scrambles all your online activities to maintain your internet connection secrete, it also slows down your connection. So, while choosing your service provider, ensure you go for a high-speed one that won’t compromise your safety like Hotspot Shield.


  • Your VPN Connection Can Suddenly Drop


Mostly, while using virtual private network service, you may encounter connection drops. Once this occurs, you will find it hard to reconnect again as your actual IP address is now visible hence you are not secret again. However, you can prevent this by using a VPN that has kill switch like Private VPN that disconnects you from the internet immediately after a server drop.


  • Configuration Can Be Difficult If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing


A VPN that has poor configuration will cause DNS and IP leaks, which in return exposes your information to hackers. But, this should not hinder you from having it since there are user-friendly providers like TunnelBear that can make your encounter amazing.


The Bottom Line


A VPN will offer you a stupefying online experience as it masks your IP address giving you access to all sites on the globe. Although they have disadvantages, their benefits are worthwhile your investment. Choose your perfect VPN, depending on your need and dive in the anonymous world.


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