Determining Industry 4.0 in A Company

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Industry 4.0: Everything you need to know about the fourth ...

Indeed, the use of the term Industry 4.0 is already well known and widespread within the industrial environment to define a new paradigm that groups together a series of technologies that make it possible to provide products and processes with their intelligence, to give them more value and less cost respectively. The techniques and the combination among them that Industry 4.0 puts at our fingertips are different and very varied, although all of them revolve around digitization (use and treatment of real process data or obtained through computer simulation). TSN technology and the interconnectivity (possibility of communication between different products, techniques and equipment so that all of them can be adapted in real-time depending on the circumstances that are occurring at all times).

Factors That Determine The Application Of Different Technologies Related To Industry 4.0 In A Company

Starting the digital transformation of a company is complicated. For the use of Industry 4.0 to maximize the evident results that can be achieved with its different applications, it must be integrated into the company’s strategy. It cannot be an element that is treated independently since the different applications Potentials and technologies related to Industry 4.0 that can be used in a company will depend on various factors:

  • company differentiation strategy
  • your competitive environment
  • production processes used
  • sectors, where the products manufactured, are directed
  • financial statement of your accounts.

That is why it is essential to build a clear path to help us answer the question with which this article began. Since the answer to that question depends on where the company wants to go and what the environment is that surrounds it (that is, all the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph), this path and the way to go will be the basis on which the Companies may start in an orderly manner in Industry 4.0.

Therefore, the implementation of Industry 4.0 must follow a thoughtful, calm, studied, agreed and well-planned process.

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