XiaomiMi 6: Understand More About Basic And Advanced Features

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You will hardly come across a person without smartphone these days. It has been an impressive invention of modern times, with latest changes and additions taking place on a daily basis. So, if you are trying to try the best and modern smartphone of the century, then xiaomi mi 6 is the ultimate option to choose from. With so many features and latest technologies in sync, you might not need another one in your list for sure. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but this is always going to act in your favor. With so many features loaded, the amount you are planning to spend is all worth it.

Features noted for your help

Before you proceed further and invest money on mi 6, it is mandatory to get down some of the features first. The more you get to learn about the features the better purchase you can make later without any regret.  This mobile phone follows NFC Function and comprises of fingerprint ID. So, no one is going to swipe through your phone unless it’s you. Moreover, it comprises of QC3.0 technology along with Type C as some of the features for you to learn about. It further comprises of Wi Fi, GPS and Bluetooth 5.0, as some of the other points in this package.

Network battery and more:

This smartphone comprises of full Netcom and with dual card dual standby. You can add 2 Nano SIM inside the phone and manage two networks, at the same time. So, if you have more than 1 SIM card at present, you can adjust both under one platform easily. When it comes to camera, this phone features the zoom option with 12 MP rear camera and 8 MP as front camera. So, now taking those selfies or high definition photos won’t be a tough call. It has 3350 mAh poly Li battery, inbuilt and large in size.

Get some other options:

If Mi 6 is too much for you and the price turns out to be quite expensive and hard to afford, then you have other phones from the Xiaomi section for you. There are multiple models under Redmi category, and some are less expensive and quite affordable within 10k. So, in case you are looking for phone with brilliant features and price within your set rates, then this company has all sorts of options, stored just for people like you. They are known to have been working for the masses.

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