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Looking for an IT solution for your business than MLtek is the best answer for your IT solution. It is a UK based company that produces a range of software solutions used for solving various IT challenges. The highly experienced team of MLtek provides you with great in fracture of IT and are ready to tackle any challenges that may appear in the IT field.

The software that is designed by MLtek gives you the freedom from ” If I could do this”. All the software designed here helps you to unleash that if a problem. The software created by us is the most simple and effective solution to the problems that just arose.

You can catch up our latest news on software and technology on Our platform is the best solution that you can get in the field of IT and we help you tackle all the problems and come over all the challenges.

A few of our customers complained that our archive manager does not reflect exactly what our software does. Hence a re-branded package is uploaded for our customers.

Our clients have also requested to bring up a subscription-based licensing model for our archiving solution. Till this date, our products were on perpetual and we provided services for the life time where you can buy a software for one time and use it for the rest of your lives with annual support renewal Archiver.FS.

Hence get a look at Archiver.FS to grab your sprawling file system. This is an effective way to find your files. You can even save money on backups simply by reducing the backup data.

The software helps you to save restore time. It also helps you ensure compliance with relevant legislation in your region. You also get free up with more space over the expensive first line. You can test the software by downloading the trail version of it.

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