Kroger Prefers AvaLAN For Its Reliable EMV Connectivity Products

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It has been a tough call for Kroger to choose the best company for EMV connectivity products, as the market is quite competitive. After going through the available options and checking out on their features and credentials, they decided to rely on AvaLAN for quality connectivity items and EMV upgrades of their choice. This choice has been the most promising deal of all time, where they asked the experts from AvaLAN to cover 10,000 fuel dispensers on their behalf. The key ingredients of this team are to offer their customers with responsiveness, innovation and customization at its best.

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Things to consider:

Key to a successful story always deals with its hardcore work, which you can easily procure from AvaLAN Wireless without fail. That helps in solving the Kroger team’s challenging application of providing reliable, secure and wireless form of Ethernet switch network connection. This is a major part of the EMV upgrade version, especially designed for the duel dispensers and their PCI complaint security service, reliability, cost and ability to manage movements remotely. These were some of the reasons for Kroger to choose this wireless connect with its integrated version of segmented switch solution, designed for critical infrastructure necessity for sure.

Unique Ethernet solution:

AvaLAN is always up with its unique form of wireless Ethernet solution. It has the capability to customize specified needs of the Kroger team and creating an award winning combination. Moreover, the IDSU services from the same team has been approved with UL safety certificate, which proves this firm to be a great choice for not just Kroger but for other fuel dispenser retailers and manufactures of modern times. Covering 10,000 fuel dispensers with top-notch quality wireless solution is not a tough call for AvaLAN, as this company has already handled such high end projects beforehand.

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