Four Glass Smoking Devices for Cannabis

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National surveys show that attitudes towards cannabis legalization are changing for the better. As new states legalize, some might be trying cannabis for the first time. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the smoking device choices out there. GlassHeads Wholesale has a wide selection of supplies for your next smoking session. In this post, you will learn about four glass devices to use cannabis that will make your experience more enjoyable.

Hand Pipes

The hand pipe is likely the simplest device for smoking. Hand pipes come in many different shapes and colors. In many cases, a hand pipe is made to, as the name implies, fit into your hand. These devices make for great glass collectible pieces. The wide array of color combination seen with hand pipes makes them a popular smoking device. A pipe usually contains a carb or small hole on the side to control air intake.

Water Pipes

A water pipe is commonly referred to as a bong. This device allows for the smoke to first pass through water before being inhaled. One problem some have with a hand pipe is that the smoke is too harsh. A water pipe often allows someone to consume more smoke in one setting. While a hand pipe is a fairly simple device, the water pipe comes in many forms. Water pipes are often larger than a normal hand pipe. Water pipes can be made for a single smoker or to accompany multiple smokers at one time, otherwise known as a hookah.


A bubbler is like combining both a hand and water pipe. This device has the carb of a hand pipe but is filled with water, like a bong. A bubbler is preferred by many for its ability to provide a smooth inhale. Using a bubbler means not having to remove a stem, as you would with a water pipe. This device is a sort of hybrid between two more classic smoking methods. Bubblers are typically smaller than water pipes.


A percolator is a device that is often built into a water pipe. This device provides additional filtration to smoke before it is inhaled. Some believe that a percolator provides the smoothest smoke possible. A percolator filters the smoke as it is being pulled from the water pipe. The double filtration that a percolator provides makes it an extremely popular smoking device.

In summary, there are several glass devices that can be used with cannabis. A hand pipe is an inexpensive and simple smoking device. Water pipes help to provide a smoother smoke with a removable stem to move smoke upwards. A bubbler uses the carb of a hand pipe with the water of a bong. A percolator is a type of water pipe addition that provides additional filtering. It is wise to try different devices, in order to find out which one works best for you. Switching up devices regularly is a great way to reduce overall wear and cleaning.

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