Are You Receiving Excellent, Tailored Commercial Property Advice?

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The commercial property advice that you receive has a direct effect on your commercial property sale, purchase or relocation. If your advisor falls short of expectations and requirements, this could leave you, their client, in a less than satisfactory state.

  • Purchasing and developing commercial property are complicated and weighty tasks which make residential transactions look wonderfully simple.
  • Transactions shouldn’t be entered in to without sound commercial property advice.
  • Hopefully, you wouldn’t consider not taking on board an experienced expert’s counsel. To ignore them or to neglect to use them is counterproductive.
  • For property searches in London, the Thames Valley, Home Counties and South East there are several commercial property advisors to call on.

Four areas in which commercial property advisors prove themselves to be invaluable:

  • The planning and construction processes.
  • Property development design.
  • In commercial property relocation.
  • Commercial negotiations and acquisitions.

It’s vital that a commercial property advisor works for you and towards your goals.

What an advisor’s previous clients wanted and did is helpful to inform the advisor and to give them real experience but when they enter in to the process with you, it should be all about you.

Every client has unique needs so a “one approach fits all” service is not going to provide the highest levels of advice in construction, planning, purchase or relocation.

Don’t take generic advice.

A brownfield site under development requires a different approach to a retail unit purchase or a factory relocation. Leading experts know this and facilitate commercial property acquisitions and development with minimum stress, optimum tailored advice and effective results.

Generic advice could lead to serious and unwanted complications or a sale falling through.

If you have taken advice which seems generalised, ask for a second opinion. It could save a lot of time, money and emotion during the development or acquisition process.

The best commercial property advisors have been involved in the purchases, sales, builds and investment across several locations, sites, sectors and clients. They understand the regulatory and financial obstacles which bad commercial property advice leads to and they don’t take a half-hearted approach about your needs. They also appreciate that the residential process is much easier than the commercial property processes.

As commercial property advice is vital, where can you find a proven and motivated expert?

John Parkinson and his team are leaders in the field. He has forty years of experience in property construction and development in the UK and abroad.

Having also managed and owned his own construction and development company for twenty-five years, his first-hand experiences of the pitfalls, obstacles and potential critical factors in commercial property spheres makes him eminently suitable as an advisor.

John eagerly works with Thames Valley Business Advisors and clients in London, the south east and the Thames Valley. He wants to share his commercial property experiences with clients from entrepreneurs to SME’s and larger corporations that need to relocate to new or larger premises.

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