Features To Look For When Screening Your Smartphone Security Systems

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Are you concerned about your smartphone security? Do you keep hearing about a lot of stories how people lose their valuable data and sensitive information to the hackers despite having security software programs in their smartphones? You are not alone today thousands of smartphone users are sharing the same fears. We lack the required protection when we make use of smartphones and when we go online.

It is high time that you started looking at alternatives to the existing security solutions such as PGP Blackberry, which are not protecting you in any way against an advanced hacker. This however does not mean that there aren’t any security systems that are powerful enough to combat the advanced tricks of the hackers. You just need to know how to select your smartphone security. Here are some key factors to look into while screening your security systems for the smartphones.

The first factor that you would want to consider while buying your cryptophone is whether it offers end to end encrypted messaging solutions so that your messages are ready only by the intended recipients. Partial encryption of the data will not help you in any way. There is no use having partial encryption solutions or a weak encryption solution.

Does your security system provide you protection against brute force attacks? Hackers can make an attempt to penetrate into your device using a systematic approach to unlock the passwords. In such situations your security system should be able to detect such attempts and thwart them before the hacker could access the data.

Your security system should let you set time limit for the life span of the data that is sent out of your phone after which it has to be automatically destroyed from all locations including the server and the user’s device. This will prevent the hackers from scavenging for sensitive information from the servers and unprotected recipient’s devices.

Encrypted image transfer is another important feature that you should be looking for when you are selecting your security solutions. Most of the encryption solutions available today encrypt only the text messages. They do not encrypt the image files. This will not give you adequate protection as the hackers can steal your personal images and other sensitive image files. For example you could be sending out scanned images of confidential documents, such images have to be protected too if you do not want to lose them to the hackers.

Given the importance of the matter, you should make sure to select the security system for your smartphone with extreme care. This is not something you would want to rush through. Adequate groundwork should be made to ascertain that you have the best security system such as SkyECC installed in your mobile phone. If you try to cut corners here or if you are going to take a lethargic approach you will end up in regret and the losses will be huge. Make prudent choices and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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