How Much Does Android App Development Cost in 2018?

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The mobile technology has ushered the business world. It has given a 180-degree turn to the business arena with its exclusive features and benefits. It has tempted the startups and established brands to invest in mobile app development for making a fortune. But, at the same time, has directed the business leaders to various critical questions, such as which type of mobile app to choose? How much will app development cost?

When talking about mobile application development options, there is a myriad of options. Still, Android is considered the right choice due to its unbeatable advantages for the business world. So, keeping the same in mind, we will discuss the cost of android app development in this article.

There’s no exaggeration to the point that all the brands, regardless of their annual turnover and success ratio, are always on their toes when talking about calculating the total investment required. All want to know the exact value in advance to compare the investment and ROI and determine if it’s profitable for them or not. Sadly, it is nearly impossible in case of Android application to find the true cost in advance. The Android mobile app development cost depends on various factors, implying the cost to create an app for Android platform varies as per the factors you choose.

Wondering what these factors are? How much will it influence the cost of creating an app? Well, here are the factors to check for evaluating app development cost:-

  • Market Analysis: It is necessary to ensure that your app idea is valid and unique. Otherwise, all the money, efforts and time you invest will go in vain. This might sound easier to check the market, but it is a daunting process demanding for a lump sum investment.
  • App Development Approach: Native or Cross-Platform – the app development approach you choose also has a great impact on the overall Android app development cost since all the design, frameworks, programming languages, and other elements will vary as per the choice you make.
  • Design: A simple design-based application will be much easier to build and involve lesser UI/UX design elements. As a result, it will be much cheaper to design. While a complex and enticing design with loads of UI/UX elements will be time-consuming and expensive.
  • Features and Technologies: Every feature and technology you plan to integrate into your application plays a major role in the cost of creating an app. More the features, more the efforts employed in the process and thus, more will be the Android development cost.
  • App Development Team: The cost also depends on the team you opt. If you hire a Freelancer or small app team, the cost will vary between $2,000 and $25,000. A mid-level company would demand $25,000 to $2,00,000, while a reputed app development company with 3000+ experts will develop your app at the cost of $4,50,000 to $1,500,000.
  • Location: The country/region to which your app partner belongs also have an impact on the overall costing. For example, the hourly rate for developing an Android mobile application is about $168 in the US while it is just $70 in India.
  • App Complexity: When talking about how much does it cost to develop an app, the cost highly depends on the number of hours and efforts required for building the application.
  • Code Reusability: By reusing the same code, you can reduce the app cost by 20-30%. However, it is advisable to reuse only the common elements such as Login page, Contact us module, etc. Rest, your Android app development team must develop from scratch itself.
  • Testing and Submission: App Testing is a crucial part of app development, indicating you cannot overlook this factor. However, the cost to test an Android mobile application is higher than that of an iOS application – all thanks to the ‘platform fragmentation’ characteristic. So, bear this in mind. Apart from this, a one-time fee of $25 is put into the process of submitting your Android application on Play Store.
  • App Marketing: Your job does not end at launching your application. To achieve the desired goals, you need to promote it well. Though there are various free app marketing methods like Social media marketinga, many other effective mediums come with a price tag. So, you need to add the cost of app promotion to your budget.

Besides, another 20% of the total app development cost is invested for app maintenance and update. So, consider these two factors as well, when talking about how much does it cost to create an app


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