Invest Bucks On The Best Yeastar S100 Option Of All Time

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You can always invest some bucks for the yeastar s100 option, which is a greater value based business communication with base configuration of around 100 users and even 30 concurrent calls. It can easily scale up to 200 users and with around 60 concurrent calls. This flexible model comes with a proper support of the ISDN, analog ports, BRI, GSM and even the E1/T1/PRI networks. This model helps in supporting around 2 expanding boards and supports expanding one of the DSP modules. The notion is then powered by the very first latest processor technology, which is also another trustworthy telephone system with highest MTBF in the said industry.

Powerful option under your belt:

It is solely based on the Asterisk 13, where this S series is born to be made powerful and even meeting your needs at a constant rate. This section is noted to be the latest under the VoIP S Series and is known to be easier to install. This service is also quite simple to manage and will be created to just perform. You get the chance to save some time with the faster maintenance and installation as the S series PBX can always be streamlined using the auto detect, advanced auto configuration and plug and play capabilities over here.

Things you care to know:

The practices and well controlled and even configured through graphical and intuitive UI and with the point and click online based configuration panel. You get the chance to manage everything through the internet based devices. This section comes with the flexible forms of telephony interfaces, which are combined to allow for future based scalability and unique modular design. You can get the best one from reliable distributors of ip pbx system in town. They have served so many people and can further serve you right.

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