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Everyone loves a good stock market tip, and the possibility of turning your $100 or $1000 gamble into millions is an idea many investors or traders dream of. These ‘unicorns’ are few and far between, but with the advent of the internet and the connectivity it brings to all aspects of our life, they have become more and more possible.

Tech as an industry has some great examples of companies that go from nothing to millions in a very short space of time, but are there others? With the launch of Snap Inc’s Snapchat spectacles recently, tech in the eyewear industry is something that suddenly seems rather lacking. Whilst they’ve not been a huge success, they have alerted the wider economy that this is a sector not often looked at, and in turn spawned several interesting start-ups:

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Warby Parker
Founded in 2010 by young entrepreneurs, the company made its mark by selling glasses online effectively when no-one else was. They did so well from this that they open physical stores, but with a heavy tech element to them. The Soho, NY store has a green screen booth for filming fun little social videos that can be shared online, and they released an online eye test app that connected people with local opticians. Despite not yet being publicly listed, there are plans for the future, and this innovative tech-loving company is definitely one to watch. As well as looking towards branching out into their own line of glasses, they also stock all the main brands, from Ray Ban to Tom Ford and Oakley to Lacoste sunglasses, making them a hugely popular choice with a wide range of customers.

Hawkers is another young and tech focussed company, but completely online unlike Warby Parker, and with investment from former social media app makers and venture capitalists. As you would expect with such investors, it spends virtually no money on advertising, and promoters itself almost exclusively through social media and partnerships. With serious investment being poured in, a large chunk is due to go into R&D, and that promises some exciting products!

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