How to Ensure Your Annual Board Meeting Goes Off Without a Hitch

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Are you going to organize a business event or a board meeting? Check out these points that you should care before scheduling an annual board meeting.

On time and Balanced

Use this agenda. This is a productive agenda. Setting a plan prior to the meeting is a time-saving process. Doing so, you not only save your precious time but also able to make the necessary additions and deletions. Analyze all the topics for your meeting and establish the agenda for your session. Do not forget to cover the critical issues.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the leading player during the annual board meetings. There should be an executive committee in your meeting planning structure. The executive committee handles all the affairs that occur during the board meetings. Besides this, the executive committee also acts as a steering committee.


The technology has made the meeting sessions easier. There are various technological tools available. You can use these tools to make your annual meetings successful. Some of these tools include email, teleconferencing, video conferencing, etc.

Another thing is to check the electronic equipment. Make sure that all the electronic equipment are in the proper working condition. Any malfunctioning in any of the gadgets may delay the meetings. Even, this may terminate the entire session. Following are some of the possible issues that occur due to the technical fault in a meeting:

  • In the webinar, you can see the host but cannot hear him.
  • A member on the teleconference may put the line on hold.
  • In the session, you will not be able to show your presentations due to the malfunctioning of the projector.


Plan for the site for your meeting in advance. It is necessary as you do not want to face any interruption during the session. It is better to get an idea about the size of the attendees of the meeting. This will help you to book a venue for the meeting.

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