How Bad Web Design Can Ruin Your Internet Marketing Efforts

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Despite the rapid emergence of social media platforms, a website remains as one, if not the most important focal point of one’s digital campaigns. It’s a portal that gathers all significant information about a certain business — from its profile, products or services being rendered, portfolio of works, and even testimonials from previous clients or customers.

Like any northern Virginia internet marketing company would say, a good website is one that blends substantial content, user-friendly interface, and appealing visuals.

In this article, we’re giving particular attention to the design aspect of the website. Check out eight ultimate reasons why a badly designed website can significantly leave a negative impact on your internet marketing endeavors.

Poor navigation

To make your audience stay on your website, your portal should have a friendly user experience. By letting them easily navigate your site, they can be effectively directed to the pages you want them to browse through.

Generic menu labels

A functional website should not feature too generic menu labels or else, your audience will find it hard to explore your site, making them eventually leave even before delivering to them the core message of your digital campaigns.

Too many items on one page

Info overload is one of the main reasons why people leave a website immediately. Northern Virginia internet marketing companies recommend that you strategically scatter important information across the different pages of your website. Have a separate page for your “About” section, and another one for your products and services offered. Also keep in mind that each page should have a friendly, coherent layout.

Inappropriate color scheme

The color scheme you use should help in conveying what your brand is all about. It also has to contribute to the overall visual appeal of your portal, of course without overpowering the content you want your audience to see and read.

Hard-to-read fonts

Speaking of readability, you also have to be careful about the font style and size you will be using. Like the color element of your website, the ones you will use should assist in getting your message across your audience.

Images with low resolution

An appealing website uses appropriate and high-quality images. These visual elements help present your products and services more effectively and powerfully. However, make sure that they are fully optimized so they won’t affect the loading speed of your pages. If your site uses photos with low resolution (or those that are too heavy), it will only turn off your audience and prospective clients.

Not mobile-friendly

Now more than ever, people are now accessing different websites from their mobile gadgets like phones and tablets. For a northern Virginia internet marketing firm, it is important to check and ensure that their client’s websites can also be easily navigated on mobile.

No presence of social media buttons

All your digital assets should complement one another. A well-designed website is one that features social media buttons. This will help your audience easily share your content on their own social media accounts. Plus, it’s also a way of inviting them to follow you on your social media pages — where your other internet marketing endeavors are.

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