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The love of music is something which is shared commonly by all of us. Even back in 30 years ago, while Growing up, radio was the medium and easiest source of music for all of us. With the advent of music there came compact disks, SD cards and many more music used to be stored. But as time progressed all of these options become obsolete and now we all think music directly from certain apps by using internet. There are many apps that provide musics, more importantly popular musics to be listened to by using the internet; however really any of them provides the opportunity to listen music of various languages that are not spoken worldwide. The rise of YouTube in such contexts asserts reassurance as the particular platform provides music options and videos of many more things not only in English but almost in all of the spoken languages. Flvto uses the links of YouTube and convert those videos into MP3 file format so that one can enjoy the music of YouTube even when they are not using the particular app and even when there mobile screen is dormant. Flvto can be used in many other ways and some of them can really intrigue others into downloading the particular app…

Discovering new genres of music: The app can be used in Discovering new sorts and types of musics. YouTube chipset tally of all the light videos of any individual and shows them similar options of music or any other forces so that the person can enjoy and Discover more things according to their tastes. Even after the end of every single video YouTube keeps showing option from where one can Discover new song writers are singers or bands which might appeal to their taste and to their similar drone. As flvto directly converts music from YouTube it is a great way to explore into the unknown world of music and stay entertained at the same time.

Accessible from all devices: the app can be accessed from both Android operating systems and apple operating systems as the app can also be accessed via various web options like laptops desktops, macbooks etc.

Free of cost: the app is completely free and one would require any sort of payment while downloading, running the app or even when converting the music videos.

High quality sound: the downloading options in the app is really easy as all one required to do is to copy the link of the desired YouTube videos and then paste the link on the search option of flvto.Then when converting options are clicked options of music qualities will be provided starting from 128k, to high quality 384k.

Exploring the world of Audiobooks: the particular app can also be used in various other ways apart from listening music, which is to explore the world of audio books. There are many YouTube channels that keep uploading audiobooks in regular succession and people can download FLV file converter those audiobooks and convert them in Mp3 format and listen to them in their free time.It is a great way of entertainment and also it will help us to stay short in our cognitive abilitie

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