Elmedia Player Offers The Best Support During Two Screen Modes

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There are certain particular professions, where more than one monitor proves to be helpful for the employees. People of design and video editing field are the ones, looking for such help. Having an extra monitor is great for those who want to work and watch a movie at the same time. You can further move the full screen game to your second monitor. You can always start using two or more monitors on Mac for better viewing experience. Well, you will be glad to know that Elmedia Player supports the most common video formats that you can play on your Mac.

Using pro for moving fullscreen to second monitor:

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You are always requested to take help of Elmedia Player PROS for moving the full screen to second Mac Monitor. It is also known as the perfect dual monitor controlling video player, which can help you to watch videos in full screen. You can even use the device simultaneously. It is easy to choose the monitor, which will be playing full screen videos from this app. All you have to do is just go to preferences and then choose interface. Later, choose the full screen mode and choose monitor from the available pop up option.

Two full screen modes:

There are some reasons behind the growing popularity of Elmedia Player PRO as best movie viewer for Mac. This app has two modes under full screen option. The first one is native full screen mode under macOS. Whenever you initiate it, the player is going to appear in the available space.

Another option is customized full screen mode. You can always assign specified monitor for playbacking some of the full screen videos. If you have only one display plugged to the host device, the player can open the full screen option on available display.


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