DC-DC converters for your appliances

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There are many appliances present in your house which run on various current supplies. Some of the appliances work at 220v where as some of them work on 110v while few of them works on 48v, 12v, 5v. The current supply that is being supplied to our home is 220v which is considered as average for usage. Most of the people uses AC-DC converter to convert their alternating current of 220v to direct current of 12v. But what if you have an appliance or gadget that works on 5v? A 12v supply can damage your gadget. In that case you can prefer to use a DC-DC 12v to 5v converter to run your gadget with safety and without any worries. If you have a 48v battery in your house then, you can also use that battery to run your gadget that works on DC current. 48v is way too much for the small appliances to work on but 48v to 12v converter can help you in converting the DC current into a low power DC current.

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Why use DC power?

There are many appliances which simply cannot run at AC supply and they need DC supply to work properly. This is why these DC converters are used widely all around the world as they can provide you with Dc current that you may want. AC current is an alternating current which continuously changes with the time, whereas DC current provides you with fixed flow of current.

DC-DC conversion

A DC to DC convertion takes in the DC supply and provides you with the DC supply. These converters are capable of increasing the DC voltage level as well as decreasing the DC voltage current. These converters are widely used with various vehicles and automobiles, portable chargers as well as portable DVD players and music systems.

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