Best Features Of The ArchiverFS Archiving Software

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If you have a lot of files and data in your computer or any other device and have a shortage of space, why not use an archiving software to store the large amount of data you have and free up some space? ArchiverFS is one such useful software that helps in archiving your files. It is easy-to-use software with many advantages for the users. Check out the main product page.

The software uses UNC paths to shift the old files to a device you desire. Files of all types and sizes can be archived easily with this. Users can configure this archiving system according to their wish. The links of the archived files remain inside the live file system. The maintenance job helps in syncing the permission of recently used files.

When you install the archiver, you need to specify exactly the location of the files in the PC and the location of archiving them. Read the user guide to get this information and to know how to do this. Clicking on ‘Create Job’ helps in an easy archiving of data. The maintenance jobs are also an important feature of the archiver and it needs to be configured. It runs one time daily. The instructions for changing or doing editing in the maintenance settings are provided in the user guide. The Graveyard job is the last task of this archiver that is used for ending the old files and getting rid of its links before creating its backup or deleting it finally forever.

The setup of the ArchiverFS is simple and hassle-free. You need to have a Windows Vista/2008 or later versions of Windows for this. The setup and user guide is provided on the website of the archiver. Users can visit their site for more info. The archiver is set up on your computer within half an hour. It takes a short time to install and be ready for use.

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