4 Standing Desk Benefits

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Sometimes called a stand-up desk, a “standing desk” allows you to work at a desk while standing comfortably.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Of course, this concept is still relatively new, but people seem to be really keen on it. After all, it is important to try to not sit around all day, which is what many people who work in an office do, unfortunately, most of the time.  That is why many standing desks are also adjustable, allowing for you to choose how often you sit and stand to do your work.

All that in mind, then, lets take a look at the potential benefits to using a 123inkcartridges.ca standing desk.

BENEFIT #1:  Lower Weight Gain and Obesity Risk

The simple truth about weight gain is that it happens when you take in more calories than you burn.  This is a bit of a generalization but it is, in fact, the simple truth.  But most of us don’t have a lot extra time for some cardio! A standing desk helps in a small way, but burning more calories than sitting at a traditional desk.  Essentially you could burn an additional 1000 calories every week just by switching to a standing desk for a few hours of every work day.

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BENEFIT #2:  Lower Blood Sugar Risk

Basically, after you eat, you need to use the carbohydrates as energy because the higher your blood sugar levels are after you eat, the worse it is for your overall health.  Returning from lunch to a standing desk, then, allows you to significantly reduce blood sugar spikes in the afternoon.

BENEFIT #3:  Lower Risk for Heart Disease

Several studies have determined that anyone who sits all day at their job would benefit from spending more of the day in a standing position.  These studies suggest that sitting all day increases heart disease risk by as much as 147 percent.  So switching it up a little helps bring that risk back down.

BENEFIT #4:  Reduction in Back Pain

Oddly enough, the most common complaint from office workers—who sit all day—is back pain.  One study suggests that several weeks of using a standing desk (for much of the work day) alleviated this back pain by as much as 32 percent.  Another study, from the CDC, suggests that a standing desk might also reduce neck and upper back pain by 54 percent in just the first month.

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