Portable Keyboards and Projectors for the Better Connectivity

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The backlit mini wireless keyboard contains a sensitive touchpad for the easy and accurate manipulation. This portable device is compatible with all kind of electronic gadgets. You just need to establish the wireless connection and can enjoy the benefits of this device on gadgets including a smart phone, laptop, and others.

In fact, one can use this device for the both the business as well as entertainment purpose. This device also allows the users to enjoy the typing up to 10m distance. The New Model Mini Keyboard Touchpad Mouse is a high-quality input device having a reliable warranty. There is also no need to install any software for using these devices. Here, are some of the features that this mini keyboard and mouse combo:

  • You can switch between three kinds of back lights including blue light, green light, and red light by using Fn+F2 shortcut key.
  • It also contains touchpad DPI adjustable functions.
  • This is a mini QWERTY keyboard which contains multimedia control keys as well as PC gaming control keys.
  • It is a handheld device which one can easily carry and operate.

The mini portable projector contains LED light source with DLP optical engine which brings the stunning color performance. The best part about this mini projector is that it contains built in lithium battery. Hence, one can carry it with them anywhere without worrying about the power. It contains high precision and high light transmittance coating lenses which improve the image display.

The LED lamps used in the Mini DLP Projector are environment-friendly as well as radiation-less. It is also very easy to use this portable projector. This small DLP projector is easy to connect with other devices and offers lots of connectivity options to the users at an affordable price. The users can easily switch between the video and office dual interfaces.

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