Mobile Phone Radiation Affects Sleep Quality And It Is A Proven Fact

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Some recent memos are clearly portraying the fact that mobile phone radiation affects sleep quality, no matter how much you want to deny it. Let’s take a simple example for your understanding. When you hit the bed, you have the tendency to check your phone, lying beside your pillow. You might feel sleepy but the moment you start checking out on your phone, you can feel the sleep gradually disappearing. After that, if you want to take a nap, you won’t feel sleepy at all. This is not just about your mind, but also due to the radiations, which emit from your smartphone. That clearly states that mobile phone radiation always affects sleep in the bad way.

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How does it affect?

Now, this is the most common question, which might pop in your mind. How do you think that mobile phone radiation can affect the quality of your sleep? Well, in some people, this affect is way more intense than others and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Now, some studies have clearly proven that too much of EMF exposure can easily reduce the melatonin production. This hormone is generally produced by pineal gland in your body, which is also known to play a pivotal role in protecting you from cancer. It can further be used for regulating circadian rhythms.

Ways to protect yourself:

If you are really scared of your bad sleep quality and want to improve it as soon as possible, then following some simple steps can work wonderfully for you. When you don’t need your cell phone, make sure to keep it away from your body. These phones can emit EMF radiation even when these are not in use. So, proper help is mandatory over here. Another important point is, make sure to keep your phones out of your bedroom.

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