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Web crawler is basically a kind of software or bot which visits the different pages of many websites. It is capable of browsing the site programmatically. Web crawling allows Google to evaluate your webpage on the basis of the quality and the response time. Google’s robots crawl over all the URLs and index them. The process does not stop after that, it continues and the bots also come again on the same webpage in order to analyse the changes made on them. Hence, on the basis of that the webpage ranking is determined for the search engine list.

Types of web crawlers

 Desktop web crawler and cloud crawler are the two main types of web crawlers. Desktop crawlers are installed in the desktops while the cloud crawlers are particularly for the cloud based servers.   They have better data visualisation.  Visit the website to know more about web crawlers and SEO.

Users can choose any of the web crawlers depending upon their need. They both are useful in controlling data crawling process. Bulk SEO audit is also possible with the help of the right web crawler.

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 Factors that affects web crawling

Web crawler is basically used by the search engine to get more relevant content from the websites so that they can provide the valuable information to their users. The site maps are thus created as they contain the links in the blogs.  It enables the Google’s bot to look deep into your website. There are a number of factors that affect web crawling. These include:

  • Domain name
  • Back links
  • Internal links
  • Duplicate Content
  • XML sitemap

Optimising your website on the basis of these factors makes it easier for the Google to crawl through your website. If the white hat SEO is done for those websites then Google easily lists the websites probably at the better rank on the search engine list.  SEO Minneapolis – Hook Agency is like any other top SEO agency which helps in optimising your website such that it can be easily crawled by the search engine.

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