Six Tips to Make Your Site More User-Friendly

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Having your business online means a number of things; for one, thousands of people can visit your website, but it also means you will have some competition. You always want to have an edge over other businesses, and one way to do that is to update your site. The following are just six ideas to help ensure that your site is better than others.

1. Mobile-Friendly

One thing that frustrates most online users is a site that is not responsive or mobile friendly. A site that is not responsive can cause an online user to skip the site and find one that is adaptable. Your site should be able to adapt to a tablet or cellphone and change fonts or graphics accordingly.

2. App-Look

You know how important it is to make sure your site is adaptable, but you can take it a step further. Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are now an option, too. These websites are built to act like regular phone apps, which are much better for visitors. It allows the user to move a lot quicker through your site in a way that is easier for them. There is no doubt that your visitors will enjoy the fluidity of your new website.

3. Visually Appealing

Many modern sites are now more image-focused than text-heavy. This does not mean that people are not looking for text, but sites have a number of vivid and elegant photographs around. Online users can tell if your site is modern or outdated by simply noticing if you have enough photographs around. Online users have a hard time trusting sites that look outdated, which is something you do not want to deal with.

4. Add Videos

Visitors will appreciate videos, but this is only true if you can provide high quality videos. This means quality video production. This can be costly, so make sure that it is something that you can afford, or it is not worth it. It might be better to skip the video if all you can provide is something subpar, which visitors will use to judge the quality of your site.

5. More White Space

Online users love white space now more than ever. It makes it easier to view your site on things like tablets or phones. Your text will be easier to read, and it makes your site a lot faster, not to mention that it has a clean look. This does mean that you have to reduce the number of widgets or text that you have around your main content, but the site will definitely look more modern.

6. Eliminate Excess

Get rid of unnecessary things on your site, like that audio you have playing automatically. Most people hate this and will not appreciate it if you have it on your site unless you are in the music industry. You might also want to get rid of pop-ups, which online users hate, too. There is a number of people who will simply skip your site if they are bothered by too many pop-ups.

These are just a few ideas that may help you update your site, so considering trying a few ideas.

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