Magento Or WooCommerce – Making The Ultimate Choice

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Magento or wooCommerce; which one will you choose for your next e-commerce platform? Well, this question might be haunting you for months now. For expert magento developers, nothing can beat the importance of Magento platform, but WordPress developers have a different opinion. Before you get to choose the best one among the lot, it is important to learn a bit more about their benefits first.

Starting with Magento:

With Magento 2, you get the opportunity to enjoy one backend for covering multiple online sites. Another prominent aspect has to be “Magento Connect.” There are multiple paid and free extensions available and Magento 2 is still growing at large. Furthermore, this platform is perfect when you are eyeing for product search. Clients have the liberty to add filters for searching through product listing with its layered navigation help.

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Why go for Magento:

The best thing about Magento community is that it is free and open source shopping cart platform. It is also built on the powerful version of the Zend Framework, with the help of programming languages and open source technologies. This might mean quite some things for the developers. However, for the site owner, these features can translate to only flexibility, when it comes to expanding or modifying the current Magento platform, when you have a solid team to work with. Furthermore, you are likely to come across the enterprise version of Magento, as well, which you can use for the website platform for solid and powerful platform with loads of whistles and bells.

Going towards WooCommerce:

Just like Magento, there are certain benefits, which you can receive only from wordpress designers in Toronto. So, let’s just dive right into the features of this platform now. It is quite easy to setup, thanks to its plugin nature. When it comes to maintenance and installation, Magento 2 is way more complicated when compared to WooCommerce. Another interesting feature of this e-commerce platform has to be its Affiliate product feature. It helps in increasing current affiliate income by just selling the items. If you have any aims to create loyal customers, then this platform has inbuilt ratings for help.

Best WordPress performance:

WordPress pages are designed to serve dynamically and every page loads as the result of the MySQL Query. This particular WP-Cache plugin helps in reducing all these queries. However, it is mandatory for you to learn that these Query cache can be optimized well for the right performance. The current PHP Compiler cache helps in saving scripts even in some of the compiled server formats, which can also be stated to be another form of best option.

Depending on the project:

Magento and WooCommerce have their own sets of benefits and cons. Depending on the platform you are currently planning to work on, website development in Niagara St Catherines is likely to vary. Therefore, make sure to check out the business niche first, and that will make choosing best e-commerce segment an easy task for all. Contact experts for some help too.

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