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Internet and software giant Google has literally shocked the world when the company announced that they are planning of launch Google Pixel smart phones. Finally, the phones are launched in 2016 and have been a hit among the people of Brisbane. A lot of local residents have bought Google pixel and Google pixel XL phone as soon as it was launched. The phone is pretty cool, but it needs a lot of care and handling while using it just like any other smart phone. A fall onto the floor is more than enough to break the phone. Smart phones are very fragile so it is important to handle them with utmost care. If unfortunately you have broken your Google pixel, then Google Pixel repair Australia companies can help you to fix your smart phone. Some of the damages that can be easily handled by these companies are listed below.

Screen damage: Screen damage is the most common type of damage that you can experience with any smart phone or tablet. The screen of smart phone or tablet is made up of a very thin layer of glass which can easily get broken if falls from a certain height breaking the screen makes your Smartphone impossible to use as you cannot see anything on the screen. These screen repair specialist can fix your screen in no time. There are many types of issues that you can experience with your Google Pixel screen. Sometimes the screen is perfect but the touch is not working, sometimes the screen gets cracked but the display remains intact and touch is not working or partially working. All these types of damages can be fixed as well as repaired. But in the case of screen total blackout, the screen needs to be replaced with a new one. These repair specialists can also do it for you at an affordable rate.

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