Easily share your printer with different devices

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In the present time, all the business organizations and the individuals want to cut down their cost of infrastructure. Hence, they look up for the various ways by which they can make maximum utilization of the available resources and save their money in installing IT infrastructure. One of the best ways is connecting the printer with all the devices in the offices or in your home. It will allow you to easily take the print out from your system. This is a common scenario these days. The innovation in the task of printer sharing is that with the help of some tutorials, you will be able to share your USB printer over the internet. It will allow the users to access printer from the remote location. Now, anyone can take out the prints from any location of the world.

Connect devices running on different OS

Technology has greatly progressed and now it is far easier to connect the printers with different types of devices. Regardless you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10, Mac OS X, Linux or android, it is very simple to connect your device with USB printers. FlexiHub is the special software solution which allows connection of devices running on different OS with the printer. You can visit Printer sharing Tutorial from Eltima to learn about step by step tutorials for connecting your devices with USB printer.

Benefits of connecting your device with USB printer

A business can easily gain success by providing the real time services to their customers. Thus, if you are connecting your device with USB or COM port printer, you will be able to get the printouts in the real time from any part of the world. FlexiHub offers remote connection with different computers by using the attached USB and serial port devices. It appears as the node which allows the users to access printers from the remote locations while making the current connection more secured and encrypted. Users can even connect or disconnect their devices anytime.

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