What is it like to be smart?

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Well. We have all seen the most upvoted answers on Quora of how it feels like to be smart. I know there are various perks to be smart: dont have to study hard to get good grades, and generally, you understand things in a much easier way than most of the people. When you are trying to talk some SENSE into someone else, you know you are right but the other person just doesnt get it and they say it’s just a difference of opinion?

Yep, you know what I am talking about. We know better what it feels like, we can see what will happen in a much clearer sense than most people can see. We can trace the causality to what really started all this.

With being smart, comes its negatives. And these negatives can cause pain and suffering in the long term.

First of this is to not try hard in anything. Getting your good grades easily and getting liked because of your humor will lure you into a false sense that everything can be obtained if you try, and quickly and easily. But this isnt the general case. You would find yourself giving up much earlier than some average guy.

But the most painful thing about being ultra smart is you feel lonely a lot. you do not like meaningless gatherings where people just chat about everything. You wish to meet people who can share with you the ideas most people dont care about even hearing.

That’s the reason why most people turn to games, regardless of types. you can play a shooting game just to relax or you can be involved in an intelligent poker game like Hold’em. You want to prove you are better! You want to win.

But most importantly, you want to meet someone your level and beat them in a fair competition.

A new FAIR Texas Hold’em poker on the Fair.Game platform will be released in the first quarter in 2018. Will it be a game changer for the online gaming industry? Based on Ethereum, Fair.game uses decentralized technology and smart contract to ensure the fairness of games. Lack of trust in online gaming market is the key to disrupt the prevailing industry. Even in highly regulated jurisdictions, there is no way players can really be sure that the games are 100% fair.

In real life, every player may wonder is the game I am playing fair? Will the system cheat? Blaine is an avid gamer, who has been playing online Texas Hold’em Poker recently. He became increasingly frustrated because he had a hard time to get BIG WIN. For example, he has great hands on several rounds, and even his combined cards are He starts to question if his opponent was the game system itself, that means it is “unbeatable”. Or did the system lured him to a big bet by manipulating the cards?

Well, the truth is that if the online operators do want to cheat, it is all too easy. Because the games are not transparent to the players, and they are only auditable by the regulator. There are certainly many players like Blaine have such concerns and doubts. Therefore, how to prove fairness to online Texas Hold’em players is a crucial to earn player’s trust in the game. That’s where Fair.Game comes in. It is the world’s first FAIR decentralized fair game platform, with all data and game logics open to public examination.

What makes Fair.Game different? Fair.Game combines the “open, fair and just” features of blockchain and online games in an innovative way. The FAIR Texas Hold’em poker has been provably fair through the blockchain technology and smart contract. All the rules of the game are set from the beginning and no one can modify the algorithm, which is an important characteristic of blockchain. What differentiates the FAIR Texas Hold’em poker is its “FAIRNESS” button, centered on the upper right hand corner of the table. It eliminates various problems in traditional games such as blackbox operation, non-transparent algorithm for calculation and inequality among players.

Try Fair.Game at https://fair.game today and put your anxiety at rest.

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