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Every day we listen about many of the new technologies that come in the market. And those technologies make our lives easier with the use of those technologies. But firstly, we have to know about them, so we can use them properly and make our work easier. These innovations are done by the people who work in the big companies, whose motto is to make new inventions for human life. They work in many areas such as aerospace, defense, medical, science, and industrial applications. From those companies one of the companies is Teledyne-e2v and their website is This is the global leader of the specialized components and subsystems.

About the company

They designed and manufactured systems and components of health care, life science, industry, defense and security, transportation, and space. In previous, Teledyne-e2v is known as the e2v. e2v stands for the English Electric Valve company. This is the company acquired by the US Company Teledyne Technologies in march 2017. The company has its headquarter in England.

An employee of the Teledyne-e2v

Let us know about the employees of the Teledyne e2v, what they do and what is place them in the market and in the field they work.

  • The employees of the company always work to deliver excellence and value to the customers, with whom we have a long-term partnership.
  • They show strong competency in the manufactures service, designs, and also support across our core technologies and market area.
  • If you search about the employees of the company then you find that they are recognized as the talented and experienced people in their field.
  • The employees also understand their responsibilities to managing and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.

Products and services of the Teledyne- e2v

Let us look for the products and services of the Teledyne- e2v which are provided by them. these are:

High-performance imaging

The company provides high-performance imaging devices in different sectors. These are:

  • Machine vision
  • Dental x-ray systems
  • Science and life science imaging
  • Ophthalmology
  • Space and earth observation imaging

High-reliability semi-conductors

Even the work for the high-reliability semiconductor systems that play an important role, which are:

  • Assemble and test services
  • High-speed data converters
  • High-reliability microprocessor
  • Life cycle management
  • MRAMs

RF Power

  • Radar systems
  • Defense electronic countermeasures
  • Missile control safety and arming services
  • Digital television transmitters
  • Stellar satellite communications amplifiers
  • Radiotherapy cancer treatment machines
  • Industrial heating and bulk materials processing

All these are the area in which Teledyne-e2v works and provides a better environment to work for the people. They try that their work improves the work quality of the people and they complete their work with more compatibility. Even you can also search about the company and know more about them by searching on the internet. You will find that the company is most reputed and have all the employees who are experienced and talented.

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