Private Label Marketing Automation Platform

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With our private label marketing automation platform, you can avoid having to employ in-house developers. A digital marketing platform can be expensive, too, and may not give you the results you want. With our digital marketing software, though, you can have the flexibility and scaling that you need at a price you can handle.

We use a hybrid hub-and-spoke framework. The marketing platform is the hub that connects websites that are powered by our other products or WordPress to provide a centralized execution of your marketing efforts. You can provide your clients with marketing services no matter their website’s engine. Our toolset offers email marketing, social marketing press release distribution, search rankings tracking, call tracking, and website analytics in one place, no matter what powers their sites.

When at least one website of a client is connected to the platform, they get rule-based SEO and automation, centralized blog posts and social marketing sharing, grouped inbound forms/call tracking/ecommerce transactions, networked content and app distribution, search engine ranking tracking, and website analytics.

With our dashboard, you can see real-time analytics, so you can see your clients’ entire portfolios at once and keep tabs on their Key Performance Indicators. You’ll also receive automated performance alerts when custom thresholds are met.

Other features include customizable, easy-to-use, multi-location businesses and advanced users level interfaces, PPC account reporting, calls and form leads, ad performances through Google DFP, social and advertising campaigns, and a host of other website and social marketing analytics, in addition to webstore transactions.

Our hub-and-spoke architecture empowers your clients to select adapted hoses based on their local market credentials. They can find websites nearest their end users. They can also improve their SEO through IP-geolocation and get high-performance multi-location business marketing actions. This model builds resiliency in your operations, and you can adapt each website as you need to. You are able to grow with the needs of your client.

Save yourself a significant amount of money and headache by using our private label marketing automation platform. You’ll end up with successful results, not confusing systems that are limited in scope, flexibility, and that you find difficult to scale. Your clients will thank you for your ability to meet their ever-growing and changing needs. Work with us to grow your business and help your clients to succeed. Contact us to request a demo or to ask any question you have. We look forward to working with you.

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