American Logistics and Distribution– A Goldmine of Benefits

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So now you have chosen American Logistics and Distribution Inc. Let us see what do we have in store for you? American Logistics is full of benefits for its valuable customers. Check them all out:

US online retailers: Anytime, anywhere

With a shipping address provided to you by American Logistics and Distribution Incin the US, your online purchasing becomes a whole new experience. You can choose any online retailer all over the US, and be carefree about the shipping expenses that you would have to pay otherwise. With American Logistics, you can easily order your purchase and enjoy a whole range of products in the US and enjoy the delivery right at your doorstep.

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Shipping costs within your reach

Enjoy the low shipping costs up to the maximum by adding all orders in one shipment. You can even rely and store your goods in our warehouses for up to 45 days. By the time, your next order arrives, you can add your previous ones and ship it all together.

Deals and discounts

Offers the valuable customers the golden opportunity to enjoy the best promotions and discounts. With American Logistics, I enjoyed the best-reserved deals for US customers while being away from the US. Happy shopping!

Brands you love

You do not need to worry anymore about whether your favorite brand will deliver to your home country. Leave the hassle to us, and you can enjoy shopping from your favorite US brands. Talk about convenience!

Online management portal

With our online management portal, you do not have to carry an extra burden of whether your purchases are secure or not. Manage all of your orders using this tool, and you are good to go!

Be your boss and choose your carrier

How unfortunate would it be to find everything but a carrier to deliver your order? At American Logistics, we let you choose the carrier you prefer tobe it DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, we have got it all covered so you can experience undisturbed purchasing.

Multiple recipients? Not a problem!

Wondering how you are going to manage to send gifts to family and friends? Well, with American Logistics, you have an added benefit of sending your deliveries to multiple recipients with no hassle.

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Allow us to do shopping for you

It is a busy world, and you might be running short of time. Or worse, your credit card would not work at the last minute. What to do now? Let us shop your favorite items for you and put an end to all your difficulties.

Be it parcels or letters; we are here!

At American Logistics and Distribution Inc, your mailbox is an actual mailbox. You can receive letters along with parcels and choose what you need to do with them. Read your mail online, or forward it anywhere across the globe, our management has it all for you. With rates as little as $9.99 a month, American Logistics provides you with the best mailbox services.

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